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If you are concerned about structural integrity due to corrosion or have failed inspection, see us for a free estimate to get your car back in shape! Our experienced welders and auto mechanics will assess the repairs needed and advise the best remedy. We use heavy gage steel sheet, OEM and after-market stampings, or custom pre-fabricated repair parts. We fit, weld, then undercoat to provide top quality repairs that are guaranteed. Some common repairs performed  are:

  • Frame Repairs
  • Strut Tower / Mounts
  • Shock Tower / Mounts
  • Rear Trailing Arm / Mounts
  • Shackle Mounts
  • Core Support on Infinity & Nissan
  • Rear Shock Mount Wheel Well on Ford Escape and Mazda
  • Engine Cradle / Subframe
  • Floorpans
  • Door Hinges, Door Latches
  • Steering Box
  • Exhaust  Repair
  • Bent or Cracked Aluminum Rims