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Welding Repairs and Design Solutions for Veltri Trucking Company

A Fab-Weld customer of many years, Veltri Trucking Company relies on us for their fleet welding repairs and design solutions. In 2019, a replaceable aluminum casting for their trailers was no longer available. The result was that multiple trailers were unfit for US Mail transporting and had to be sidelined. Research revealed that the manufacturer had quit the business and sold their assets to a competitor who then discontinued the repair parts.

After assessing the feasibility of a new mold being made and the time and costs for such, we made the decision to build instead an aluminum-formed and welded fabrication. The part is available direct from Fab-Weld.

Replaced Vanco 41128-2 (Fleet # 005-851-001)

Depicted is obsolete aluminum casting for Vanco Dry Van Trailer and our Welded Fabrication replacement.
These corners join the face, side, and roof of the trailer to make a leakproof seam.

OEM Casting — No Longer Available

Fabricated by Fabweld